The Skin Series: With Dr Dennis Gross

Dr Gross is one of New York’s top dermatological surgeons and his signature clinic treatment dubbed, ‘The Park Avenue Peel’, is the hottest treatment in town. All of his skincare is multi-functional, made with medical-grade ingredients and designed to bring his in-clinic procedures to the home. Here we go one-on-one with the doctor himself in a series of exclusive interviews, covering a range of skin-centric topics – from the philosophy of DG Skincare, to the difference between a manual and chemical peel.

Skincare Road Tests: Nude Skincare

This month, our Mecca Cosmetica Skin Specialists will be road-testing a selection of our global skincare brands – from classics to new-comers, we’ll bring you a new road-test each week.

Road Test One: Nude Skincare

Road Tested by: Pam from Mecca Cosmetica Chadstone

“Well the last 2 weeks I have had fun experimenting with Nude Skincare – lucky me! My main focus was to address Dehydration… I would say I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, eating lots of fruit and veg (Chocolate is definitely my weakness!). Water is my good friend, I aim to drink 2L per day but probably only manage to get through 1L most days. Working in a heated/air-conditioned environment takes it’s toll on my skin and it’s lack of moisture. Being a part of the Mecca Cosmetica family, I’m very fortunate to experience so many amazing products. So for the last fortnight, I put all my other products to the side and put Nude to the test!

Products used: Cleansing Oil $70, Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum $190, Age Defence Moisturiser $168, Replenishing Night Oil $132, Miracle Mask $120.


AM= Cleanse, Treat with Serum, Moisturise

PM= Cleanse, Moisturise with Replenishing Night Oil

Weekly= Miracle Mask

The verdict? After two weeks, my skin is feeling great! I really can say Nude has addressed my dehydration my skin is softer, brighter and my makeup is sitting better and lasting longer. My skin drought is now coming to an end, it’s had a good drink. With on going use of the products things can only get better! My favourite product was definitely the serum. The hyaluronic acid did wonders for my dry skin, leaving it seriously smooth and ‘plumped’! They say good things come in small packages, so true!

Love Pamela xo”

Stay tuned for the next Skincare Roadtest later on this week…

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Beauty Buzz: Nude Skincare in the Press

If you want the fresh, dewy, smooth skin you’ve always craved, Nude’s new super serum Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum, will get you there.

With the highest concentration of  Probiotic Technology in the entire Nude range, it uses three bio-available technologies proven to help the skin repair itself:

1. Concentrated hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates and plumps the look of skin.
2. Bioactive peptides boost natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid.
3. Antioxidant Japanese sea kelp helps protect against the breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid.

From Supermodel’s to Beauty Editors, everyone is raving about this new anti-ageing arrival. Check out some of the press so far to see what all the buzz is about…